Our 2020 dig season was cut short due to restrictions and cancellations and so we are no longer offering digs this season.  Check back in January, 2021 for next summer’s dig opportunities.

The Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum hosts full-day and half-day digs on a private dig site just outside Glendive, MT.  For more information about our digs or to sign up for a dig, download our dig checklist, application, and waiver form.  Pay special attention to our dig options as they have changed from previous years.  We now offer an option for a half day dig/half day fossil prep in our lab!

Please contact Tommy Lohman, our dig supervisor, for potential dig dates (Phone number is located on dig application).  Once you’re dig date is confirmed by our dig supervisor, please send in your application and waiver and dig deposit (mail to: FACT, PO Box 684, Glendive, MT 59330).  Deposits can also be made by clicking on the button below.