Fossil Digs

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The Fossil Dig at Glendive is in the Badlands of Montana. The classic examples of this terrain in the United States are the “mauvaises terres” of Badlands National Park in South Dakota, the Hell Creek Formation in Montana and the Grand Canyon. All are places where massive amounts of erosion have occurred through the soft sediments to reveal the rich fossil evidence of the past – evidence that points to the world wide flood of Noah’s day. As you walk, view, dig, collect and explore these Badlands you will see the past unfold before you as you discover that what the Bible says about dinosaurs and the Flood is real – it will be right before your eyes. You will experience paleontology first hand as you learn how to identify, collect and interpret fossils from a Christian and creationist perspective. With fossils from T-Rex, Triceratops, Hadrosaur, turtles, and others commonly found on the site, everyone will have a hands-on experience of discovering and working with real bones. Internationally known author and speaker Dennis Petersen has experienced digging on this property in years past. In encouraging others to attend he writes, "… If you have never been on a real dinosaur excavation with God-fearing, experienced creationary (not evolutionary) teachers … it is one of the most delightful, meaningful and memorable things you will ever do in your life! The mere idea of unearthing the remains of creatures that have been preserved by sediments laid down during the global flood is stimulating enough. The truly wonderful bonus is to see an unbelieving friend softened toward the Lord as they see and feel the evidence of God’s awesome power revealed in the rocks.” Check out the following video from a recent participant in a fossil dig:

Dig for a Day

For individuals, families or families with young children, and church/youth groups, Dig-for-a-Day can be an exciting adventure. You will be guided to the dig site @ 8:00 AM and dig until 3:30 PM [Diggers are responsible for providing their own lunch and water as these are not covered by the dig fees}. There will be one guide/instructor for each 6 diggers. Cost for this opportunity is $100 for those 12 and over and $50 for those under 12. Half day rates are $75 for those 12 and over and $35 for those under 12. You will also be guided to the dig site @ 8:00 AM and dig until noon. The same ratio of 1 guide/instructor for each 6 diggers applies. Reservations are required a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your dig date adventure. Please e-mail your plans to us at For groups over 6, a 30 day notice is required and special group rates are available for 13 or more. As with our regular Fossil Dig program, a liability waiver will be required from each digger. Click here to view and print the Dig-for-a-Day application.  To make a deposit or payment by credit card, please click on the button below: