2 thoughts on “Summer 2020 Newsletter”

  1. We’ve been through your museum 2 years ago. Absolutely LOVED it. It’s a critically important piece of anybody’s journey.

    Just a thought based on the above newsletter: I’ve heard (possibly the late Chuck Missler, or Ian Juby…I forget) that T.rex is now considered to be a herbivore by a growing number of YE Scientists and even evolutionists. Based on tooth shape and other things.
    I have no other reference for that, just my faulty memory. Their point was that movies like Jurassic Park, etc all get it horribly wrong when they portray T.rex as a bottomless stomach full of meat and blood.
    Maybe you’re a better researcher than I am, and can find out if there’s any meat to that theory. (ha ha)

    from Canada, thank you.

    1. Thanks for visiting the museum. I’m unaware of any studies done that show T-Rex other than a meat-eater. There has been discussion about whether it was a predator or a scavenger. Thanks for checking in!

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